Happy Halloween!

Okay so I'll admit it...I am just as passionate about photography as I am about something else: baking! I hope everyone takes a moment today to enjoy a yummy treat (whether it's candy, cupcakes, or cocktails). Stay safe & have a fabulous Halloween! Love this cupcake pennant? Get them here!

With this Ring || Kathryn & Michael

It has been a true pleasure to work with this couple! I knew from the moment we finished their engagement session, I would have such a great time at their wedding! Kathryn, like me, is a fan of vintage editing. I caught myself editing and re-editing so many photos in such different ways, and it was just such a blast to have someone like Kathryn appreciate the artistry that goes into editing after the session. Really, it's clients like Kathryn and Michael who make my job just that much more enjoyable--and for that I am thankful! I am very happy for the two of you, and I wish you all the best in your future together as husband and wife!

Vendor || Aine's Boutique

Aine's is an adorable boutique located in Reading, MA. The quality of the clothing and accessories here is fantastic, and the style exemplifies everything that is sophisticated, trendy & chic! Want to host an exclusive shopping party with your closest friends? Look no further! Check out Aine's Boutique on Facebook for updates on their newest apparel, events, or contact these ladies if you want to host a shopping event! 

Special Offers || Make a Wish

Vendor || Castle Manor Inn

Castle Manor Inn is an up and coming inn located in Gloucester that will be open for business in the spring! It has such a romantic, intimate feel to its outdoor dining atmosphere. Check out this preview of what you could expect for outdoor dining in the spring at the Castle Manor Inn! More and more advancements are being made to the indoor as well as outdoor premises, and I am excited to post more photos as the progress continues! Stay tuned! Oh, and don't forget to "like" them on Facebook!

Wallpaper Freebie || "‎Chocorua Lake"

To get your freebie wallpaper, simply click on the image below and it will bring you to the HD version for your desktop! Hope you all enjoy the freebie!