Meet Your Photographer

My name is Cathy :)
+ I have an obsession with ketchup & jalapeños
~ I don't have a favorite color--love 'em all!
~ I've swam with a beluga whale
+ and played tug-o-war with a baby tiger
~ Adam is my husband, but we were best friends first
~ I've never been to Europe
...but I am dying to visit England & Ireland
~ I cringe at the thought of dirty fingernails & dust bunnies
~ Taking baths while listening to opera music is normal for me
+ I'm an iPhone & Mac gal all the way #TeamApple
~ My favorite holiday is Halloween
+ I went to school to be a high school teacher
~ I've spent most of my life in Massachusetts
...but the desert is my favorite forever & always!
~ My husband and I have a blog!