Love Birds || Kathryn and Michael

Kathryn and Michael were the runners up in the "Spring 2011 Couples" contest on the Facebook page. They rallied up so many of their friends and family to help them out, and then at the very last moment lost by more than a few votes to Kristen and Matt. I was bummed and wished that both of these couples could win, since they both tried so hard, but I was ecstatic when Kathryn told me she wanted to do engagement photos just the same! I was super pumped when she told me she had a vintage, Alice in Wonderland theme that was inspiring the props she brought to our shoot. I am also very pleased to announce I will be their wedding photographer this October 15!!!


  1. Thank you so much, Cathy! These couldn't have turned out better!! I'm certain that the wedding photos will be remarkably gorgeous as well!!

  2. You are welcome, my dear! I am very excited with just how magical this whole day turned out, and that your wedding day is going to be even MORE amazing! I am very happy for the two of you!!!